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The Girl on the Roof Poster
The Girl on the Roof begins a festival run in August 2014. Directed by Skeet Ulrich and written by Amelia Jackson-Gray. Facing increasing isolation at home and abuse from girls in her class at school, Lila’s world slips from bad to worse when she witnesses a crime from her roof. Suddenly confronted by all her fears a plan begins to form, but things don’t turn out as she expects. Read more in the blog post Short Film “The Girl on the Roof” with Original Score by The Angel

Point Mugu 648x960
Point Mugu is making the shorts festival rounds. Produced by and starring Skeet Ulrich and Amelia Jackson-Gray, this stylized psychological thriller is directed by award winning photographer Francis Dreis. Read more in the blog post Short Film “Point Mugu” scored by The Angel

Tales of Masked Men - a documentary by Carlos Avila

Latino Public Broadcasting’s arts and culture series, VOCES ON PBS, kicked off the season with Tales of Masked Men, which has garnered Imagen Award nominations in two categories; Best Documentary Film or Television and Best National Informational Program. Written and directed by Carlos Avila, “Tales” is about the colorful and fascinating world of lucha libre (Mexican wrestling), with score by The Angel. Read more in the blog post “Tales of Masked Men – Documentary comes to PBS”

Always expect the unexpected. A call from executive producer, Idris Elba led to this… Original score by The Angel for this fresh take on UK teen horror from first time director, Arjun Rose. “Demons Never Die” features the cream of the crop of young British talent. For a behind the score look at “Demons” – Blog Post – “Demons Never Die – Sonic Darkness for The Angel”

Blog Post – “Everywhere And Nowhere”. Behind the score look at E+N – the musical flavors and the rich mixture of next generation UK Asian culture set in contemporary London. “Everywhere And Nowhere” written and directed by Menhaj Huda, with original score by The Angel, is the third project that this team has worked on together, a coming of age drama about friends torn apart by choices relating to their cultural identity. Ash (James Floyd), has to navigate between his strict family life and his personal freedom to pursue his passion for music as a DJ.

Blog News

True Detective_Woody Harrelson_Matthew McConaughey’14 Addictions, Shout Outs & One Offs Keeping with the annual tradition of tipping my hat toward this year’s eclectic group of inspiring projects, people, art, music… life. Pictured left Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey from True Detective.

scr_12480_Breathing Under Water
scr_12482_afterglowGlow 2013 Part 1 “Breathing Underwater” and Glow 2013 Part 2 “Afterglow” Read about a unique all night art experience in Santa Monica and links to preview new tracks that are included in an audio guide produced for the event by Gemma Dempsey for KCRW.

Digidesign C|24_Desk
Music in Film & TV – Who gets it in there?? – In answer to the many requests I’ve gotten over the years to place other bands’ music into the projects that I score, this is an in-depth breakdown of the various jobs within the music departments of film and TV… A little bit of help, so that musicians will know who to target with song pitches and how it all works.

Donald Byrd_ Kofi_Cover Art
Donald Byrd – The Music – The Connection – A personal farewell to a music legend, a jazz innovator and a long distance collaborator…

Current Releases

KiDULTHOOD (Opening Theme) Darkforce Dub Remixes – Celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the UK cult hit “KiDULTHOOD” – Supa Crucial Recordings brings out The Angel’s next digital 12″ in the sunny month of August. Here comes a very dark sonic soundscape, courtesy of Drum ‘N Bass legend, E-Sassin and Downtempo Sound Wrangler/mother of re-invention, The Angel. Read the current blog post here – KiDULTHOOD (Opening Theme) Darkforce Dub Remixes.  Now available on iTunes.

The Angel “Ultra Light” feat. Jhelisa
The latest single release from The Angel is “Ultra Light” featuring the sultry vocals of Jhelisa on Supa Crucial Recordings. The DJ Drez Remix is included in episode 206 of HawthoRNe Season 2. Drum ‘N Bass Remixes now also available on iTunes.

The Angel is putting the finishing touches to a new full length album; an instrumental dubscape journey, entitled “Xtra Sensory Goodness” with a slew of remixes and bonus tracks, set for release in 2015.