2016 Post Election Day Respite

Today, I’m focusing on the positives… like how much I appreciate the sentiments of those on my social media timelines… Offering a lifeline to sanity, humanity and unity. Today, I’m taking time to appreciate beauty, acknowledge the life cycle, like this wondrous butterfly who came to rest outside my door. Change is inevitable and we are here for such a short time… The journey is enriched by those who believe in sharing the world, like the precious gift that it is, with respect and dignity for all. I am deeply disturbed by the outcome of this election… it is a harsh and unfathomable reality. It is a brutal reminder of how important it is for those of us who care about the planet and about each other, above our own selfish needs, desires and goals, to continually manifest our positive energy… to perpetuate love and tolerance and to shine a bright light on the darkness that would engulf us, if it could.

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