60 Channels ‘Black Rush’ as End Title Song on ‘Crash’

Jan 2nd ’09 – The STARZ! original series of ‘Crash’ will close the episode entitled, ‘Ring Dings’ with the 60 Channels track Black Rush” featuring vocals by Angie Hart (Frente!) from the album, “Covert Movements.” 60 Channels is a second artist project created and produced by The Angel. Repeats all week through Jan 11th On Demand through Jan 15th.


A special year end shout out goes to Glen Mazzara, creator of the series…

“When I wrote this song, I had Angie’s voice in my head, knowing that she would draw in the listener with a beautiful and intimate performance… bringing the lyrics to life”. – The Angel


60 Channels 'Covert Movements' album art

 60 Channels “Covert Movements”

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