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Brooklyn native, The Angel, has established a unique voice as a woman in a male dominated industry, combining her skills as a record producer, recording artist (The Angel, 60 Channels), remixer and composer. Critically acclaimed for pioneering an eclectic sound, The Angel has had the opportunity to incorporate many diverse flavors into her records as well as TV and film compositions, since relocating to Los Angeles from her adoptive city of London. It was signing to record label, Delicious Vinyl, that brought The Angel to Los Angeles in the nineties. Her distinctive blend of hip hop, dub, jazz, soul and later drum ‘n bass into her recordings, led to her groundbreaking remixes for The Pharcyde, Blue Note’s Donald Byrd and productions for Grammy nominee, Mystic to name a few. And to this day, she is known for blending musical genres with a healthy dose of irreverence, using both traditional and more contemporary instrumentation. Featured on the cover of the LA Weekly, The Angel was described as “fiercely independent”… thinking outside the box creatively, while establishing herself as a trendsetter within the mainstream.


Known for her cutting edge score for the films “Boiler Room” (Giovanni Ribisi, Ben Affleck),”Gridlock’d” (Tim Roth, Tupac) and the UK cult hit, “KiDULTHOOD,” (Noel Clark, Aml Ameen), Angel has also broken through the glass ceiling for women composers in television, having scored both cable and mainstream network TV where the term “Angel-ize it” was coined in spotting sessions for the procedural drama “Standoff” (Fox), Jada Pinkett Smith’s medical drama “HawthoRNe” (TNT) and most recently, director, Ava DuVernay’s CBS drama pilot about the DOJ, “For Justice“.


The analytical approach to storytelling via musical score has organically led The Angel to expand her creativity to producing, developing and screenwriting, including TV drama series; the first of which garnered an offer from BBC America with Idris Elba as a producing partner. Angel has recently co-produced the award winning sports documentary, “Born To Lead: The Sal Aunese Story” and concurrently composes and develops for television and film.

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