New Releases

60 Channels “How it Goes Down (feat. Slimkid3) [The Angel Remix]”

“How it Goes Down” first appeared as a jungle track on the 1999 EP, “Give Me Your Love,” released on World Domination. The Angel has given the song a fresh, downtempo anthemic treatment. Slimkid3 aka Tre Hardson, The Angel’s one time Delicious Vinyl label mate, and regular musical collaborator, is featured on vocals.

The Angel - Words Like Daggers (feat. Jhelisa) [E-Sassin remix] - single

The Angel “Words Like Daggers (feat. Jhelisa) [E-Sassin remix]”

Remix by the legendary Los Angeles drum and bass original, E-Sassin. Flipping the hypnotic downtempo original into a signature E-Sassin dark dnb banger.

The Angel - Words Like Daggers (feat. Jhelisa) [R.A.W. Remix] - single

The Angel “Words Like Daggers (feat. Jhelisa) [R.A.W. aka 6Blocc Remix]”

Unleashing his musical arsenal of jungle, dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass and hip-hop worldwide, West Coast Jungle Ambassador, DJ/remixer/producer R.A.W. aka 6Blocc, inspired by the lyrics, R.A.W. brings his dark drum and bass sensibilities to this bangin’ remix.

The Angel "Words Like Daggers (feat. Jhelisa)" - single

The Angel “Words Like Daggers (feat. Jhelisa)”

Featuring Angel’s long time collaborator, Jhelisa, this song is included in the Launched Artist Single Series. A compilation featuring various artists as part of the Aleka’s Attic #RiverPhoenix50 celebration. Each featured artist is associated by “6 degrees of River Phoenix” in celebration of what would have been River’s 50th birthday this year.

The Angel “Ultra Light (feat. Jhelisa) [R.A.W. Remix/Dstar & Mason Remix]”

This dnb single features remixes of “Ultra Light” by the West Coast’s R.A.W. and the Philly duo, Dstar and Mason.

The Angel “Ultra Light (feat. Jhelisa)”

Having worked with Jhelisa early on in her career, “Ultra Light” sees Angel teaming up again with Jhelisa, for this slice of downtempo goodness. The single also features a mix from LA’s own DJ Drez.

The Angel “Counter Evolution (The Angel Remix)”

Angel is here working over her own 60 Channels track, “Counter Evolution” with a new remix. This is a hype take on the laid back original.

The Angel “KiDULTHOOD Opening Theme (Darkforce Dub) Remixes `{`E-Sassin Remix/The Angel Remix`}`”

DNB dark overloard, E-Sassin gives the opening theme a drum ‘n bass remix / The Angel redux is dubstep on sedatives…

The Angel “Supa Crucial Downtempo Remixes & Rarities”

This remix album was compiled by The Angel from the catalog of Supa Crucial Recordings. The album includes many of the names The Angel has worked with on her various recordings including Tre Hardson, Divine Styler, Michael Franti (Spearhead), Cokni O’Dire, Ming & FS and Mystic…

KiDULTHOOD Opening Theme ('08 Remix)

The Angel  “KiDULHTOOD (’08 Remix)”

In this single, The Angel reworked her opening theme for Menhaj Huda’s feature, KiDULTHOOD,

The Angel - KiDULTHOOD (Original Motion Picture Score) - album

The Angel “KiDULTHOOD (Original Motion Picture Score)”

The Angel’s cutting edge original score compliments the songs featured in the movie, the best of UK hip hop and grime, creating a contemporary back-drop to a disturbing, yet powerful story. Supa Crucial Recordings released the “KiDULTOOD (Original Motion Picture Score)” album alongside the film’s UK theatrical release.

60 Channels - Covert Movements (instrumentals)- album

60 Channels “Covert Movements (Instrumentals)”

This 2004 album is released here in it’s instrumental only form.

The Angel - The Heart Of The Game (Original Motion Picture Score) - album

The Angel “The Heart of the Game (Original Motion Picture Score)”

This score album includes “Believe It,” written as an end title song for the film, featuring Angel’s long time collaborator, Mystic.

The Angel “Supa Crucial Drum ‘N Bass Remixes Vol. 1”

The first collection of remixes from Supa Crucial Recordings, including remixes previously available on vinyl only. There are brand new mixes from E-Sassin, a remix collaboration between Origin, Sklyer Mic and UFO! and a brand new mix of “Protect Yourself” by 60 Channels.

60 Channels “Scorched Earth featuring Rain Phoenix (Earthstar Mix)”

While recording the 60 Channels album, “Covert Movements”, Angel produced this alternate mix.

60 Channels - Covert Movements - album

60 Channels “Covert Movements”

The second full-length album by The Angel aka 60 Channels, featuring longtime vocal collaborators Angie Hart, Navigator and Monday Michiru with new-comers, Karen Grant, Rain Phoenix and DJ Collage.

Jaz Flash "Bristol Drum 'N Bass Remixes

Jazz Klash “Bristol Drum ‘N Bass Remixes”

A collection of Jaz Klash drum ‘n bass remixes by Bristol’s finest; DJ Die, SUV, More Rockers, and Flynn & Flora.

The Angel “Selector (On Tha Otha Side Of Midnite) (E-Sassin Remix)/Unda Pressure (Deep Rooted aka Roots Remix)”

60 Channels’ “Selector (On Tha Otha Side Of Midnite)” gets the E-Sassin remix) treatment. “Unda Pressure,” featuring Navigator MC, has Deep Rooted (aka Roots) at the controls for his version.

The Angel “Dark Days (Inner Power)/Make It Betta (Vinyl Syndicate Remixes)”

Vinyl Syndicate take over the 60 Channels tracks, “Dark Days (Inner Power)” featuring Navigator MC, and “Make It Betta” featuring Tre Hardson.

The Angel - No Gravity - album

The Angel “No Gravity”

The first full-length album by The Angel, “No Gravity,” is also produced The Angel. Featuring long time collaborators; Mystic, Tre Hardson, Navigator, Cokni O’Dire and Divine Styler.

Original Motion Picture Score “Boiler Room”

Released in 2000 shortly after the film’s theatrical release. The album contains twenty-four pieces of score written for the film, and two songs by The Angel; “Destiny Complete” feat. Mystic and “Act As If” featuring Divine Styler.

60 Channels - Give Me Your Love - EP

60 Channels “Give Me Your Love” ep

EP released as a follow-up to “Tuned In Turned On.” Features Angel’s first released collaboration with Tre Hardson of The Pharcyde and London MC, Navigator.

60 Channels - Tuned In Turned On - album

60 Channels “Tuned In Turned On”

First full length album released by The Angel under her new 60 Channels aka. Alongside The Angel, featured guest vocalists Angie Hart and Monday Michiru, Cokni O’Dire.

Jaz Flash - Thru the Haze - album

Jaz Klash “Thru The Haze” (with More Rockers)

Jazzy drum and bass collaboration with Bristol’s production duo, More Rockers. Recorded in 1996, the album was first released on the UK label Cup Of Tea. Featured guest vocalist Cokni O’Dire, jazz pianist Jacky Terrasson and legendary hammond player, Brian Auger.

60 Channels - Ride With the Flow - single

60 Channels “Ride With the Flow”

The first 60 Channels single, both vocal and instrumental version, here coupled with a drum ‘n bass remix by More Rockers and a downtempo reworking by Dread Flimstone & Paleface.

The Angel featuring Angie Hart “Anything”

Written for the film, “Playing God,” starring David Duchovny, Timothy Hutton and Angelina Jolie, the song was Angel’s first collaboration with Angie after Angel remixed the song “What’s Come Over Me,” for her band, Frente! The track first appeared on a vinyl 12″ as a radio edit with the version entitled “Danger Girl Remix”. The full length version of the song was included on the Soundtrack album. We have now made all the versions of the song available on iTunes including the previously unreleased versions; “Dark & Sparse Mix” and the “Danger Girl Remix (instrumental).”

What You About?

The Angel “What You About?”

This single carries the original instrumental, plus the vocal version featuring Cokni O’Dire, and a bonus beats version.