Los Angeles riots

Beats & Pieces – Some Angel History In The First Person Pt1

It was April 29th 1992 when Mike Ross, head of Delicious Vinyl, flew me from London to New York so that we could meet and discuss a record deal. He and his team would fly in from Los Angeles and meet me there.

They booked me into a recording studio in the city to check me out in action. I always suspected that they just wanted to make sure that I really was doing all my own programming, writing and producing. So armed with some vinyl and dats (those were the days) with my library of sounds and created samples, I headed over to the studio where they had rented in an Akai S1000 Sampler, an Atari 1040ST and Cubase. It was there, that I wrote, “Freedom Is A State of Mind”.

So there I was in the studio, like I was on another planet… but late in the day I was shaken out of my creative cocoon, when we switched on a TV in the control room and saw Los Angeles in complete chaos… the riots had broken out and Mike & the Gang had barely made it out on one of the last flights to leave the city that day. This was one of my early introductions to LA while I was feeling back at home in NY, but still living in London… The images came with such foreboding and it’s been a bittersweet mixture of loveliness and trauma ever since…

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