Beats & Pieces – Some Angel History In The First Person Pt2

There are only a few degrees of separation between myself and The Pharcyde, Spearhead, The Brand New Heavies, Donald Byrd, Mystic and Frente all from my early days in LA signed to Delicious Vinyl starting my journey remixing and producing and figuring out how to cope with all this sunshine after years of that famous London grey…

One of my earliest and most bizarre memories of the time, was meeting Harry Shearer at Spring Break ’93 in Daytona Beach with the Delicious Vinyl crew and The Brand New Heavies, who were playing… then seeing Pauly Shore mobbed by more fans than any band, then having Harry give me some really sound advice about indie labels and an inevitable lack of accounting… smart guy.

My early Delicious Vinyl days spawned these remixes among others:
The PharcydeBrand New HeaviesBrand New Heavies
The full production/remix discography lives here

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