“Bedrooms” World Premiere @ LA Latino Film Festival

The world premiere of “Bedrooms” will be at the LA Latino Film Festival Friday, August 20th at Mann’s Chinese Theater. Looking forward to seeing my three directors, Youssef Delara, Victor Teran and Michael D. Olmos, the writers and cast…

This was the second of two films that I scored in 2009, with a more traditional feel. The score is very theme driven and ties together the four distinct stories that make up “Bedrooms”. The film explores how we, as humans, erect walls within our relationships that can cloud the ease of communication and put our strong bonds at risk… and then how we occasionally attempt to break the walls back down. The cast includes Julie Benz, Moon Bloodgood, Sarah Clarke, Xander Berkeley, Barry Bostwick, Dee Wallace, Jordan Belfi and Jesse Garcia, who bring a mixture of humor, pathos and intensity to their stories.

For those not in Los Angeles, you can catch “Bedrooms” screening at ACEFEST NYC for the east coast premiere on August 27th and on Showtime airing in November 2010.

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