Documentary Born To Lead: The Sal Aunese Story AMC Screenings

L-R Ray Aunese, Sonny Aunese, Darian Hagan, Jeff Campbell, JJ Flannigan, The Angel, Lara Slife

Last night’s LA screening of Born To Lead: The Sal Aunese Story was a wonderful reunion with the filmmakers and some of Sal’s teammates, family and friends… During our Q&A, it was an honor for me to be able to let everyone know just how connected I feel to them, their loss and their journey to heal, bond and ultimately prevail… After all, when I score a project, I synchronize to picture and watch scenes hundreds of times, while I create and sculpt music to the visuals. So by the time we mix, I have a very good sense of each person in a documentary or character in a narrative feature, even though we have usually never met. Sal’s incredible resilience, determination and support of his teammates, even in the face of the most devastating adversity, is the reason that after 28 years, there is still so much love from those who knew him best.

Born To Lead CBS Sports poster

As our first Samoan college football quarterback Sal was not just a great leader, but a unifying force within his teams and in his life.

The film is screening in LA at the AMC Dine In Sunset 5 August 18th through August 24th and AMC 34th St NYC, then expanding to a 25 city run in September.

You don’t have to be a football aficionado to appreciate Born To Lead… It is a human story; examining the life and loss of an exceptional young man. And for all of us who have suffered the loss of loved ones to cancer, it is particularly poignant. Kudos to director Lara Slife and producer George Antonopoulos.

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