Farewell 2009

I’ve managed to put off this final post of the year for over a month now, not really sure what message I felt like closing out the year with… until the eleventh hour as such.

2009_12_27_1139 Farewell 2009
I’ve concluded that it is because I’m not as interested in looking back, as I am really content to be living in the moment… enjoying the planning and divine inspiration that comes to me before I start new projects – with ideas flowing into my brain before I’m on a deadline or under the gun… This is the time that refills my creative space and gives me a really clear perspective on where I’m going to take the next set of projects, which are already in place for 2010. I’m not ready to divulge any details, but I’m ready to share my excitement, optimism and gratitude.

I’m also grateful for the many accomplishments and triumphs of friends and colleagues – graduations, album releases, completion of books written, first scripts written and shot for TV, directorial debuts, getting films green lit, having first screenplays optioned, learning new languages, having first art books published, finding new ways to heal themselves and others… all major leaps forward.

2009, for all it’s ups and downs has introduced me to some beautiful people, beautiful art, beautiful music, beautiful minds, beautiful opportunities… a beautiful way of looking at and doing things especially in the face of adversity.

In the spirit of sharing, here’s some positive magnetism going into 2010! Onward and upward…

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