“Gaia” @ Toronto Film Festival ’09 – Score by The Angel

TIFF announced the addition of seven films in the Visions category of the Toronto Film Festival and “Gaia” is included in the programme this year. Considering the unorthodox way the film was made, Visions couldn’t be a better category for “Gaia” to be introduced to the world.

It has been a unique experience to define the musical voice of this film because the score plays a lead character in many scenes, and I was asked to cover a range of intensity from very subtle to extremely dramatic. “Gaia” carries the audience completely, with very little dialogue… all to the credit of director, Jason Lehel, for taking his concept and executing it so well… sounds simple, but not easily achieved. If I sound impressed, it is because I genuinely am… and this is another reason why I felt compelled to work on this project.

“Visions focuses on the innovative and is an exciting programme featuring the work of brazen newcomers and veteran filmmakers who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary cinema. It spotlights work that challenges our notion of mainstream cinema and explores experimental filmmaking techniques, new territory and technologies.” – TIFF

This category completely defines Jason Lehel’s process and his inclusion of upcoming talent and newcomers, like Emily Lape, who gives an outstanding lead performance alongside Ed Mendoza, Jerica Mendoza, Deswood Etsitty, Michael Pierce, Lisa Vachon and Cynthia Adkisson.

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