Good Energy Is Golden…

Luckily, I’ve got some really good souls in my circle… and as if I’d sent for this one myself, Tre Hardson aka Slimkid3 just came by and graced us with his special brand of goodness. Mind you, I had no idea he was in LA recording with Fatlip when I reached out this morning to see when he might next be in town… but that’s how it works when people are truly connected.

So we shared some spiritual notions, philosophical banter, Libra concerns over how to manage multiple artist personalities – like Tre with Slimkid3 and me with 60 Channels as my alter ego, a few war stories and a laugh! The Pharcyde are heading out to Australia next week to play the Good Vibrations Festival 2009 … and I will happily be on lockdown in the cave so I can get all these new releases ready. Finally back to makin’ records in ’09!

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