Monthly Crate Diggin’ #1

I still love my vinyl… Shelf after shelf of the beautiful stuff – a permanent fixture. But when was the last time I pulled anything out to listen to it? Hmm… Like everyone else, I’m creating and listening to audio files, stored on one gadget or another and the files become invisible.

So, I’ve decided to pull out some random 12’s, albums, ep’s… whatever catches my eye – hold it, listen to it, enjoy it – take a sonic trip all the way down memory lane and share at least one a month right here. I’m starting with “Rockin’ It” by The Fearless Four. Apart from drum fills and the occasional additional synth here and there, it’s the classic one bar loop that you never want to end.

And the underexposed Lady B, classic “To The Beat Y’all”… No one rocks the mic like this woman. I’m surprised I didn’t wear out the grooves on this one.

September inspiration. It doesn’t have to be deep, to hit the spot… I’ll always love these.

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