N.I. Short Film with Score by The Angel

Working on N.I. with director Sallyanne (Sal) Massimini, has been another wonderful opportunity for Angel to support a woman director, and a pleasure to once again collaborate with such a positive, creative badass! Not only are they both passionate about the creative process, they share a great love for gadgets and technology…

Sal brought her vision as writer/director/producer to N.I., by filming on RED’s new Hydrogen phone. She is the first to shoot a live action narrative with the Hydrogen. You can see the film and read more about Sal’s process in her director’s statement at nishortfilm.com

With a powerful and raw performance by Giorgia Whigham (13 Reason’s Why, The Punisher) supported by David Meza (In Echo Park, Millenials), the story opens on young lovers whose unexpected journey places them in a very different reality from the one we initially perceive. The score takes us on a haunting three part ride from an almost fantasy-like love story, to fear and intrigue, to a surprising revelation.


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