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Settin’ Up “Supa Crucial Downtempo Remixes & Rarities”

It’s amazing how much music gets made that either never gets released or that only gets a limited release… remixes of the moment or songs that had no home because they were too different for a specific album, or simply because, at the time, there really was no outlet for them in the grand scheme of things.

I took a trip down memory lane through the Supa Crucial catalogue over the past month and realized that we have some real gems that either, no one can find out there anymore due to labels having gone under, limited vinyl releases that never got digitized or simply because tunes got lost in the flurry of new activities and priorities… temporarily forgotten but the love was never lost.

Hence we are compiling and releasing these downtempo beauties in April. Here’s a little early behind the scenes info…

  • DJ Drez gives The Angel “Destiny Complete (Bittersweet Version)” & OG version feat Mystic, the Jahta remix treatment
  • One time Garth Trinidad favorite Jaz Klash “Thru The Haze (The Angel Remix)”
  • Divine Styler’s remix of The Angel “Make It Betta” feat Tre Hardson originally a limited vinyl only release
  • The Angel “Act As If (Act III Mix)” feat Divine Styler originally released on the “Boiler Room (Original Motion Picture Score)” album
  • The Dread Flimstone & Paleface remix of 60 Channels “Ride With The Flow” originally a limited vinyl only release
  • Headset (Plug Research) remix of “OK…Alright” by Mystic unearthed and unreleased until now
  • Tre Hardson “10 Million Ways” produced by The Angel – this track was recorded at a time when there was no logical home for it, but there is now

Some more surprises… but you’ll just have to wait for the next installment to find out about the rest. Stay tuned!

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