The Girl on the Roof Poster

Short Film “The Girl on the Roof” with Original Score by The Angel

Director, Skeet Ulrich, had a very specific vision for this short, written by Amelia Jackson-Gray. It’s the story of a teenager, Lila (Naiia Ulrich), losing herself under the weight of neglect by her mother and the fear of bullies at school. Skeet wanted the score to illustrate the internal emotions of a lead character, who won’t talk about all the things that are plaguing her.

Through her film score, Angel evokes a sense of foreboding, an underlying uneasiness against the innocence and outer beauty of Lila and her privileged world.

Preview screening at the LA Shorts Fest, July 31st, kicks off a festival run for the film, featuring Naiia Ulrich, Lennie James and Todd Lowe.

Playing at the Action On Film International Film Festival August 23rd, the film picked up awards for Best Supporting Actress (Amelia Jackson-Gray) and runner up for Best Young Performer (Naiia Ulrich). The Girl On The Roof won Best Short Film at its East Coast Premiere at ITVFest September 26-28.

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