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60 Channels “How it Goes Down (feat. Slimkid3) [The Angel Remix]”

60 Channels “How it Goes Down” feat Slimkid3 first appeared as a jungle track on the  1999 EP, “Give Me Your Love.”

Fresh for 2022, The Angel has given the song a downtempo, cinematic remix. Manipulating the distinctive vocals of Slimkid3 aka Tre Hardson, (The Angel’s one time Delicious Vinyl label mate and regular musical collaborator), has turned the upbeat, feel good original into a downtempo gritty anthem.

Slimkid3 is currently touring with the The Far Side, formerly of West Coast legends The Pharcyde.

You can catch The Angel & Slimkid3 in a rare interview to support the single, live on CLUBHOUSE August 2nd at 6:30pm PST.

“How It Goes Down” is exclusively available on Bandcamp as a pre-release as of 7/22/2022.

Slimkid3 & The Angel (aka 60 Channels)              Photo Credits: Slimkid3 and Leigha Wendel

The Angel “Words Like Daggers ” (feat Jhelisa) – Directed by Mark Pellington, Sergio Pinheiro and Sweeten

Released in partnership with Rain Phoenix’s LaunchLeft label, WORDS LIKE DAGGERS is part of a compilation of singles celebrating what would have been River’s 50th birthday this year.
Official Video Produced by The Angel for Devilishly Good Productions &  Mark Pellington for Prolific Film Content.

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