Tales of Masked Men - a documentary by Carlos Avila

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Carlos Avila’s documentary, “Tales of Masked Men” with film score by The Angel, premiered on Latino Public Broadcasting’s arts and culture series, VOCES ON PBS. It has since garnered Imagen Award nominations in two categories; Best Documentary/Film or Television and Best National Informational Program. The film explores the colorful, fascinating and mysterious world of lucha libre — Mexican wrestling.

Tales of Masked Men introduces three wrestlers, each of whom embodies different aspects of the sport and its traditions. The most revered and famous masked Mexican wrestler of all time is El Santo, who rose to prominence in the ring, eventually becoming an international film and television star whose persona and humanity deeply resonated with Mexicans. Standing just 4’ 5” tall, Mascarita Sagrada is one of the most dynamic and acrobatic wrestlers working in lucha libre today. Classic wrestler, Solar, is in his fourth decade as a luchador. Rising out of a childhood of rural poverty, Solar found an identity and a livelihood in lucha libre.

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