Kristi Lomax interviews The Angel

The Angel Vibing Up Your “Restless Soul”…

Last Monday night, I joined Kristi Lomax as her guest DJ on her weekly radio show, “Restless Soul” on KPFK. Kristi is not only a gracious and eloquent host, but an incredibly adept engineer… It was quite a thing for me to be in a studio environment, where I didn’t have to be in the hot seat, at the controls.

Kristi gracefully cued up the tunes that I had dug out of the crates and vaults, mixed between them with ease and confidence, multi tasked interviewing me on air, having a laugh with me off air, notating the tunes for the playlist and eventually sharing her passion for producing her own music…

It was a warm and mellow atmosphere with lots of head bobbing going on. The essence of dj’ing filling the room by two people who genuinely love music and love turning people on to the music that moves them…

Here is the 3/23/09 audio archive link… I previewed some tunes from the upcoming release “Supa Crucial Downtempo Remixes & Rarities,” which will be available on iTunes 4/21, so check the archive for an early listen.

Here are a few moments “behind the scenes”:


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