The Angel WORDS LIKE DAGGERS feat Jhelisa Drum and Bass Remixes

The Angel ‘Words Like Daggers’ feat Jhelisa – Drum and Bass Remixes

From the original hypnotic downtempo version on LaunchLeft to the two drum and bass remixes courtesy of West Coast drum and bass heavyweights, E-Sassin and R.A.W. aka 6Blocc, “Words Like Daggers” (feat Jhelisa) hits all those feels from mellow to fierce…

I can’t overstate how much I’ve been digging being back in regular contact with my longtime collaborators Jhelisa, E-Sassin and R.A.W. aka 6Blocc. Working virtually together, inspiring each other and staying focused on our creativity in these challenging times, is everything…

E-Sassin has remixed many of my releases including some of my 60 Channels tracks. We go way back to the 90’s when we’d occasionally share a dnb DJ bill with him pulverizing the venue with the hardest sounds around. And I say this with reverence. As always, Eric came through with a remix that Jhelisa described as “a DRIVER right off the cliff type shit.” I can only concur.

R.A.W. has also remixed some of my other releases, including “Ultra Light” featuring Jhelisa. He and I also go back to the 90’s where we shared the odd jungle/hip hop DJ bill. He is a brilliant selector with insane turntable skills. So when he reached out and told me that the WORDS LIKE DAGGERS lyrics spoke to him, and he’d like to give the song a dark dnb treatment… I was excited.

Both dnb versions of the track are available on bandcamp and across all platforms.

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