“True Blood” June 28th -The Angel Is In The Mix

Vampire and monster stories have always intrigued me… As a kid, I especially loved watching vampire movies only to wind up so scared that I had to sleep with the blanket covering my neck well into my teens, ha. Luckily, I eventually got over that phase…

Now I get a real kick out of licensing my music to shows that I am a fan of… It gives me a chance to be an objective observer and to experience my songs in a fresh context. This is definitely the case with “True Blood”. It’s the opposite effect of scoring to picture, where I’m creating original music to embellish and support the scene, adding context to the visual.

A couple of other excellent HBO favs have licensed some of my work… 60 Channels “Ride With The Flow”, became the backdrop to Nate hallucinating at Brenda’s in the episode “Crossroads”, of the brilliant “Six Feet Under” and The Angel “Make It Betta” featuring Tre Hardson, was playing in Stringer Bell’s ride in the episode “Sentencing”, of my all time favorite, “The Wire”.

The license to “True Blood” trumps the others in a unique way because writer, Raelle Tucker, wrote one of my songs into her script for the episode “Scratches”… which begs the question, “What did the song inspire for the scene… and which song?”

We’ll find out on June 28th… ‘Til then I am as intrigued as the rest of the “True Blood” fans to see where Alan Ball and his team are taking us next… So far it’s been a fun and provocative ride with plenty of underlying clever social commentary…

Any time they want to invite me down to DJ at Fangtasia, I’ll be there.

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