“Ultra Light” – Happy Release Day – The Angel & Jhelisa Share A Laugh…

It’s release day for “Ultra Light” and I’m steeped in projects that won’t see the light of day for a few months yet… from hard edged, grimey, dubstep infused tunes, to scoring a film that requires me to work in a very traditional palette of piano and strings, while talking to remixers about getting both dnb and dubstep remixes of tunes from my forthcoming album, which, by the way, has nothing to do with this exclusive single release featuring my partner in crime, Jhelisa. Many fingers in many pies, and why not? – living my musical life to the fullest 🙂

I’m wearing lots of hats and trying to help the marketing gurus figure out which version of The Angel we are focusing on today… “Ultra Light” takes me full circle back to my downtempo chilled roots, so maybe today is about The Angel Classic, (if only I had the Coca Cola logo)… I was so deep into this tune, that I wound up doing two versions for the single… the main mix plus the “Sustenance” mix for ultra lightness!

Photo above is a peek into a moment that helped create today’s focal point…

The two of us can be quite fierce, but we spent most of our time laughing and enjoying being in our own sistahood… This likkle clip of Jhelisa at LAX goes toward explaining why 🙂

And last but not least, a BIG SHOUT OUT to DJ Drez for a lovely remix!!

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