With Jhelisa In The Mix… All Is “Ultra Light” In The Angel Camp

Nothing beats working with someone whose talent is so remarkable, so pervasive that you can feel it from light years away… Jhelisa is such an incredible spirit, not only a phenomenal vocalist, arranger, writer, producer… She’s a fireball of energy, a catalyst of intensity and a creative being like no one I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

We go way back… In fact, Jhelisa and I were both living in London when I produced and recorded my very first album for Delicious Vinyl; the ill fated, never released, “A Message From The Angel…”, but that’s another story. I was singing back in those days, but never happily… The voice that I heard in my head, as I wrote and produced those songs, was way more soulful than I could ever manage and knowing my own limitations, I was keen to bring in guests to fulfill the potential that I felt I couldn’t reach on my own. When Jhelisa agreed to sing on a bunch of the songs I was in seventh heaven…

So that was then, and you’ll probably never get to hear any of that material for a million different reasons, however, earlier this year Jhelisa and I teamed up in LA and the first of two very different tracks are about to be released; “Ultra Light” by The Angel feat Jhelisa on September 22nd. For a little extra background on Jhelisa, here’s a mention in this August’s Spin:

More info on “Ultra Light” in the coming weeks!!

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